Re-Elect Ray Helm for Constable
2020   Hays County Pct.3

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Who I am

My name is Ray Helm.  I am running for Re-Election as your Hays County Constable Precinct 3 Constable.  I am a 3rd Generation Hays County Resident and Native Texan. I have worked my entire career as a Deputy Constable in Hays County for the past 14 years and your Hays County Precinct 3 Constable 2017-2020. I want to continue to work hard for you.

What I will continue to do for you

I will continue with our school safety programs and traffic control issues we have been having at Jacobs Well and Scudder.  I will do what's asked of me and will continue to work with outside agencies to make our community a safe place to live and raise our families in peace.  For those of you who know me, I am a man of my word and if I can do it I will and if I can't, I will find someone who can help you.  I will continue to use our budget to your advantage.  The last few budgets in buying vehicles and equipment I kept costs down.  I picked out full size F-150 trucks due to a 30k price tag with equipment installed.  Most patrol cars come with a 60k price tag.

I believe in training, and will ensure the staff has the best up-to-date training available.  I will continue to instruct courses for our Deputies at no cost to you, the taxpayer.  I will also continue the contract with the City of Woodcreek for traffic control and general safety of our Woodcreek Citizens.  Vacation watches will continue to be provided.  The Reserve Deputy Program will continue at no cost to the taxpayer.  We will continue to patrol the neighborhoods to the best of our abilities.  We will continue to serve the Justice of the Peace Court and all Courts.

My door will always be open.  I believe in meeting the public and letting them get to know me.  I will continue to provide free Notary service.  We will also continue our free vehicle lockout service and jump starts. I will continue to provide free funeral escorts within the Precinct and assist in Hays County.

I will represent you in Commissioners Court for Law Enforcement concerns.  Many of the things you see this office out doing and providing I helped develop and put in place. I intend to put more programs out to the public. 
My Code of Ethics 

They are simple - I believe in the Constitution, not just parts of it, but all of it. It works for the people to keep the Government at your command.  

My door is open, my phone gets answered, and my emails get responded to.  I work for you and will never abuse, neglect, or ignore the people that put me here.  Through my leadership, I will continue to serve the people of Precinct 3 and Hays County. 

Community  Involvement and Current Affiliations

  • Wimberley Masonic  Lodge # 1445
  • Wimberley Education Foundation
  • Wimberley Lions Member
  • Wimberley Valley GOP
  • Wimberley Institute of Culture
  • Wimberley Community Civic Club
  • Texas Municipal Police Association
  • Texas JPCA
  • Texas and Hays County FOP Member Lodge #23


Community Dedication

During the 2015 floods, my

office and I were on the scene at the beginning and ending of each flood.  We worked hard for the people and with everyone to protect our town.  We never stopped until it was safe.  I will continue to keep doing so to serve you the best we can.  

In 2014, I and another Deputy found a cave with explosives in it.  Through the team work of this office and other agencies we were able to disable the dangers of the bomb.

I helped Constable Ayres put together our plan for Woodcreek to provide patrol services.  It started as a part-time position and has now gone full-time.  When we saw the problems in the school zone, I immediately put a plan together with another Deputy to help the vehicles get out safer and quicker.

In 2008, I brought Taser and other less lethal options to the office and updated vehicles to modern technology. 

In 2009, I made sure the staff got a Civil Process Proficiency Certification (Only around 300 Peace Officers have it in the state)


From 2007-2015, I helped bring us from a 3 man agency to a 12 man agency.


In 2012, I helped standardize our issued firearms so we all carry the same gun.  We are the first department to have this program in Hays County.


In 2013, I helped establish the department and county's first bike 

patrol program.


In 2015, I helped start our school safety program with traffic control and enforcement of speed.

In 2016 ran for Constable 

and took office January 2017 as your Precinct 3 Constable

In 2017 we started a 7 day per week operation

We are the only Constable Office that provides this in Hays County 

In 2017 we partnered with the City of Wimberley to provide a full time Deputy and cover the city 7 days per week.

2018 we partnered with the Wimberley School District for a traffic control Deputy 5 days per week.

Awards, and 

  • 14 years as your Deputy Constable
  • Constable 2017-2020
  • Over 5500 hours of Law Enforcement Training
  • Attended and Graduated of Austin Community College, Texas A&M, and Texas State University
  • Graduate of Sam Houston State University/Bill Blackwood LEMIT Class 71
  • Constable Leadership Program at Sam Houston/
  • LEMIT May 2016-Class 12) 

Certifications from Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

  • Basic Peace Officer License
  • Intermediate Peace Officer License
  • Advanced Peace officer License
  • Master Peace Officer License
  • Civil Process Proficiency
  • State Firearms Instructor
  • Certified Mental Health Officer 
  • Special Investigator
  • Court Security Officer
  • SFST Practitioner  
  • TCOLE Instructor License
  • Academic Recognition Award from TCOLE for College Degree


  • Hays County 5-year pin
  • Hays County 10-year pin
  • Hays County 15-year pin
  • VFW Hays County First Responder of the year 2011
  • Hays County Deputy Constable of the year 2011
  • Instructor of the year 2012
  • First law enforcement officer to graduate from 

LEMIT-LCC from Hays County, 2014

  • LEMIT-CLC 2016
  • Class 12

My Family

I have 2 children.

My daughter Chloe is 14 and between her school, sports and hobbies, she stays busy with her sports. She will debate you all day to prove that she is right.

My son Connor is 9 and has started his education. He spends time learning new words and can build a dream world on Minecraft. He enjoys his games and watches Titanic every night.